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We didn't get a chance to taste their food because of their rude attitudes - I wouldn't say "poor service" since there was no service at all. We reserved a table for 12 on Sunday night at 6:00 and were there on time. Nobody in the front responded to us. There was a big empty table reserved for a party of 14 at 5:45 and the party did not show up. We were told to split into 2 tables across the dining area. If there was only one table available, why would they still take 2 reservations 15 minutes apart without telling the customers of splitting the party? And they were holding the table for a party that didn't show up after 25 minutes (we waited and argued with them for more than 10 minutes). There was no apologies from them and when we walked out one of the staff was laughing. They treated people with no respects and we would not pay for being mistreated. I would never go back there again. There are a lot of Chinese/Sichuan restaurants in Chinatown Manhattan and Flushing with excellent food and services. This one is absolutely outrageous.

·Posted by Sara M on 03/30/2009

best chinese food in manhattan!

I've never had better Chinese food anywhere in Manhattan. (Flushing, yes.) The soup dumplings are perfect, the dan dan noodles numbing and metallic, everything with Sichuan peppercorns is brilliant, au zhou spicy anything is a sure winner. Spicy chicken w/ Chinese broccoli is my single favorite dish at any restaurant anywhere. Just order from the Sichuan part of the menu. Don't get pork fried rice or beef broccoli any of the other watered-down American dreck; that's missing the point. Check the restaurant name: SICHUAN. It's a Sichuan restaurant; eat the Sichuan food. If you don't, I have no sympathy for you.

·Posted by DanB on 03/22/2009

One of my favorite Chinese places in NYC

The title pretty much says it all. I am a little surprised that one of my favorite, if not my favorite, Chinese restaurants turned out to be in Chelsea. Yea, there is often a wait but that's because it's pretty popular...because it's so good.

·Posted by deaghaidh on 02/17/2009

Food Good. Service normal.

I've eaten here many times, and have taken my friends here who visit from out of town. I will have to agree that usually there is a wait, but it is not because of bad service, just TONS of people there. It is always busy. The waitstaff varies from helpful to indifferent, but I've not experienced out right rude. They try very hard to accommodate groups, which is hard to find in the city. The food is presented as "authentic", but I am not an expert to say it is. They do have "American" food too which included General Tso and the like. I recommend of that the General Tso's Tofu. My favorite on the menu are the Sichuan wontons in red hot oil. I highly recommend the place.

·Posted by chelsea eater on 02/14/2009

It's not about the service! Great, authentic food

This is not the friendliest restaurant in town. And if you're ordering chicken and broccoli or general tso's chicken, you will probably be disappointed. (Probably anything off the "American-style" section of the menu.) but if you're looking for authentic, spicy sichuan food it's an excellent choice. the chopped sour long beans with minced pork, chicken with chinese broccoli (with liberal sichuan peppercorns), dan dan noodles, ai zhou chicken, all wonderful. Aim for the "mao's home cooking" section of the menu, or any of the regional or specialty sections and it's hard to go wrong. also, to the reviewer who wrote that the chicken was "mushy" -- it's fresh. that's why the texture is different.

·Posted by anonymous on 02/12/2009

Great Food and Service!

Grand Sichuan is no place for someone who wants General Tso's chicken or their egos massaged. We've been going for years, and find the servers accomplished and friendly enough. They have the best Chinese food in the city, and the more that unenlightened people stay away means more soup dumplings for us!


I do not know what they do or how they do it, but their egg sandwiches are like no other. If you work or live anywhere near this place you should only be getting your breakfast from them. The quality is far better than the low grade establishments that neighbor it. Try it, you won't regret it. I like their lunch as well.

·Posted by gyrlapple on 03/23/2009

Vegetarian chopped liver...wowza

Hard to conceive,right? Well, the best vegetarian chopped liver *ever* has just arrived. Go go go...get some while you can!

·Posted by Aaron on 03/10/2009

A page out of history

As cool as the time-traveling atmosphere is it's the food that will keep you coming back. Everything just tastes great. How can it not get 5 stars every time? The burgers are not like those fast-food mass-produced hunks of cardboard you get at other places. Here, they put a little TLC into everything they make. Do yourself a favor and go in person at least once. It has to be experienced to get the full effect.

·Posted by DuGee Davis on 11/05/2008

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find out what it means to

I am absolutely floored - floored! - at the attitude in the negative reviews below, Eisenberg's is absolutely fabulous. It is a relic from another era, and like the Automat, when it is gone, we will see a slice of the city disappear. This place is strictly OLD school. You don't call Esienbergs for "subsitutions" or "no mayo". Of course that confuses them! They have made it the same way for years!! If you want it another way, then please order elsewhere. You should be anyway, because this is "old standards" not Burger King where you can have it your way. I am sure they are flexible if you have a request, but respect limits. I recommend Tuna sandwiches, Chicken Noodle soup, and the burgers. To the reviewer who has the audacity to suggest that the older staff should be in "old folks homes" I say old age and wisdom always overcomes youth and stupidity. Have some respect! It's just lunch!

·Posted by Elliere on 10/02/2008

This Place is Classic

And the food is really terrific. I have been eating here for years and the food is really good and the people are always exceptionally nice. My favs include anything breakfast, tuna, and burgers that taste like they came right off the barbeque. Love, love, love.

·Posted by Tim@corbis on 03/07/2008

Love Eisenbergs

Just saw some of the reviews below, and felt compelled to say that I love Eisenberg's, order delivery from them all the time, and the service is great, as well as the food. The owner and staff are nice people, and they handle an awful lot of orders every day and rarely have I seen them make a mistake...and when they do, they are quick to correct it. And as noted below, it is a slice of old-school New York that we should all be thankful for. Eat there and be happy.

·Posted by Anonymous on 02/20/2008

Bad customer service for delivery...

I order from Eisenberg's frequently and love the food! I have to say their customer service is rather non-existent especially when ordering over the phone. The people are down right condescending and disrespectful. Hire new staff that can comprehend and understand callers with a level of respect and send the older employees (that could easily have been with this establishment since it opened in 1929) to a retirement home.

Great service and food

I had a great time and the food and service was great and the waitress was real nice 2 thumbs up!!

·Posted by Kevin Shwartz on 12/15/2008

not gonna bring dates there anymore

I brought a date there because the theater we were attending was rite next door. Due to a waitresses attitude (also manager after I asked the other waitress that served us, thank the lord), but still my night was ruined. All she wanted to do was leave because she no longer felt comfortable after the angry waitress gave us attitude and i was screwed because I had already ordered. Then later that night after we finished eating she disappeared into the back and I waited over 20 min for my check. Thanks

·Posted by annonymous on 10/13/2008

excellent spot to chillax

the people are always warm and the drinks always cold! the waitstaff and bartenders are what keeps me coming back. its like Cheers... everyone knows your name and you know theirs. I highly recommend this bar to throw back a cold one with your friends.

·Posted by dB on 08/17/2008


36 West is a gorgeous, clean place where you can throw back a few with your friends or meet some new people. The food is decent, but it's the waitstaff and bartenders that will keep you coming back.

·Posted by DeBo on 07/29/2008

Nice Place

It's a nice place. The crowd is always nice and the people that work there are always accommodating. Overall the foods good, the drinks are good, the service is great, and the people there are nice. I have made this place one of my watering holes to go to before going home.

·Posted by Anonymous on 07/01/2008

Neighborhood Bar

This is the type of place that you want to go to when you've had a bad day because the staff here will always make you feel better. They remember your name and what you like to drink and always do their best to give you great service. The food is good and the atmosphere is great. I strongly recommend this place to everyone.

Subpar Delivery Experience

I live within 10 blocks of this restaurant and they were unable to deliver 2 orders of wings within one and a half hours. I called them several times and each and every time they indicated it was on it way. In the end I asked them to cancel my order since I had no faith it would ever arrive and if it did it would undoubtedly be cold. i question the food of any restaurant if they fail to deliver easy to make food in a reasonable amount of time. I will never order food from this establishment again and will recommend not doing so to anyone that asks.

·Posted by david d. on 01/15/2008

best burger ever...

I know the place is called Atomic WIngs - and their wings are incedible - but you wont believe how great the burgers are as well. uted Perfectly. under $10 for a bacon, swiss burger with amzing wafer fries...A true find in this ever increasing gentrifying nabe

·Posted by Tyronne on 09/02/2007

Locals dislike

Not what it used to be a couple of weeks/months ago. Something has changed maybe a new owner/manager cook or something, but Wings are over cooked, dried out. Employees are not really interested in fast service or even good service. I stood at the counter while the guy answered his cell phone, lost the customer on the company phone, tried to take my order while still on his cell phone, got my order wrong and then I had to wait even longer. Bathroom unclean. Going down hill fast. Will not be back.

·Posted by Seth on 07/18/2007

Best burgers in NYC

I know Atomic Wings is rightly known for their great wings and boneless wings (chicken littles) but I swear the burgers here are the best in the city - and the toppings are only $.50 to $.75. It is the only burger I have ever gotten delivered that is as good as if I was eating it at the restaurant - and delivered super quick also. 5 stars....

·Posted by maggie250 on 06/20/2007

try it!

If you've grown tired of the same old sandwich, pizza, salad, etc. at lunch time, you MUST give Atomic Wings a try. After reading the reviews on this web site, my co-workers and I decided to order lunch. I have to say that we were all very pleasantly surprised.The person who took my order was courteous and polite. My order arrived within 20 minutes and was still hot. We had 2 orders of chicken littles and one chicken ceasar salad. Everything was absolutely delicious. Can't wait for tomorrow to try a different item on the menu. I think we'll try the Buffalo wings. Sometimes taking a chance is worth it!! This certainly was. (As for the mid-range "atmosphere" review above, we ate in the office, not at the Broadway location.)

·Posted by Marc on 05/26/2007

Incredible healthy chicken

I thought this place was just a buffalo wings greasy spoon dive. I went with a friend and had the chicken littles and had the best white meat tender chicken of my life. They use top quality meat and they really have a great recipe. It's a great low-carb meal.

·Posted by mikesynergy on 03/16/2007

great place for wings

chicken littles are great ...good buffalo sauce...wafer fries are great too ..

Great food, Rude Hostess

Decided to eat here last night before the tree lighting. We tried to get a seat by the window for obvious reasons but unfortunitly those tables had been booked in advance. This was not a problem, but the reaction of the hostess was to talk down to us in a very rude manner as if we were to know in advance that this was the case. However, after that quick bad experience, everything else went quite smoothly. Excellent and attentive waitress. The food was on point , as was the price.

·Posted by Newbie on 08/02/2008

Beautiful View

The Best part of Bryant Park Grill was the view. The wide windows make you a part of the parks beautiuful view with the space and decor. The down side, the wine glasses were dirty. They didn't check and they arrive with lipstick stains on the glasses. The food was average really over priced. The best part of the meal was the dessert. I won't return because I was with a guest to NYC and other than the view, there wasn't any added value.

·Posted by Anonymous on 08/01/2008

average ... at best

I tried several dishes on the menu. The food was average, at best. The scenery, location, and decor are definitely top notch, however. The duck tasted a tad over cooked, however, it was seasoned well. The tuna and salmon tartar tasted fishy, and lacked any real sign of quality. The raw bar for two was tasty, but again, lacked any real sign of quality in the seafood. I would return for a business meal, but it's not somewhere I would want to take family or friends to expect a quality New York meal. It's a great place to enjoy the scenery of the park, but go somewhere else for culinary excellence.

·Posted by Desmond, Chicago on 06/03/2008

A perfect antidote to a horrible day...

We had spent a very long Friday, getting from Chicago to New York, during a downpour. To further compound our misery the hotel did not have our room ready! We decided to grab dinner at the Bryant Park Grill in an attempt to at least end the day on a sane note. We had not been to New York for many years. The cab driver dropped us off a block away affording us an opportunity to really enjoy the deluge which was ongoing. We were instantly seated in a corner booth with the qualification that this was a special table for lovers only(We are coming up on 40 years of marriage!). The service was wonderful. The food was fantastic. We sat there marvelling at the ambience of this oasis. We returned a number of times, during our stay, to Bryant Park. We'd alight there, sip our drinks and enjoy the city of New York, represented in all its glory, by this wonderful location

·Posted by Disappointing- will never go back on 05/15/2008

Inappropriate Behavior

Last night my friends and I were at the outside portion having a few drinks. My other friend came with his baby and the bouncers FORCED us to leave the restaurant stating that it was against their rules and inappropriate to have a baby there. We were made to pay for our drinks that we just received, and were escorted, rather rudely, off the premises. And not only were the bouncers rude yesterday, but the bartenders always lack any personality and courtesy, and on top of that, the food is mediocre. You can be assured that my friends and I will NOT be going back and will be sure to tell everyone we know not to go there as well. It is a terrible shame as we work right across the street and we will have to patronize another restaurant/bar. Lucky them...we go out alot,!

·Posted by CynPal on 04/27/2008

Sunday Brunch

Excellent value, great service, good food for the price!

·Posted by Anonymous on 02/01/2008

Nothing more than average

Aside from good location (right on the park), this restaurant doesnt really have that much to offer. The food is bland and, most of the time, totally sub-par. We've even had corporate parties here and the event management people are not so great at customer service. The most this restaurant has going for it is the location