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He who masters the asanas conquers the world. - Says the Mantrabhaga in Trisikhibrahmanopanishad.

Yoga Benefits

Suppose a yoga practitioner needs urgent blood transfusion. The person will be able to divert blood from within his body to the gland or organ that is in need othis life-saving fluid. And, that too without putting undue pressure on the heart. Yoga has stood the test otime. It is now a globally acclaimed system for body and mind rejuvenation. Children, youth and even elderly people can savor the fruits from the evergreen versatile tree oyoga.
HOW DOES YOGA MOULD YOUR BODY? A yoga practitioner conscientiously controls his breath. Though we breathe in and out every second, how many among us do deliberate acts to control the breath? Very few! But, gain mastery over breathing, and hold the reins opower over your own body.
Yoga breathing exercises or the Pranayamas cleanse your vital organs othe toxic substances. The other exercises - Asanas - stimulate all your important glands and thus insulate your physical being from the strikes ovarious ailments. Simultaneously, yoga trains the practitioner to concentrate. In simple words, yoga gives you the mind controlling magic wand free ocost.


Simply follow the guidelines. Spare at least 30 minutes daily in the morning before the polluting vehicles start plying and dedicatedly do the exercises for at least a month. The serious and sincere student will master the yoga art in less than 30 days.


We've all heard otelepathy. It is a traditional mind control strategy to converse with a person and also have veritable control over subsequent developments - and that too physical as well as mental - that may happen during the course oyour interaction with that acquaintance or buddy! Sounds strange; but it's true. Believe it! For, these influencing powers are yours for free. All they need is your full-time devotion and a deliberate attempt on your part to master them.


The best time for your yoga schedule is the wee hour. That's the moment when you'd be free otension after a good night's sleep. The surroundings would also be conducive for the meditation session. Moreover, you'd be able to give adequate time to each asana.
Here are certain easy tips:
Select the hours that suit you the best.
Do stick to the schedule.
Organize your schedule or the daily scheme othings.


The dedicated yoga practitioner gets to see the results within a few weeks. Remember, our ailments, physiological or psychological, can be cured with a strong mind. Yoga trains up the mind to play this crucially pivotal role. Then, the mind acts upon the body.


Choose the asanas in such a way that you first do the meditation session followed by the breathing exercises. Spend 10 minutes in these asanas.
After this warm-up phase, shift to the other yogic exercises leisurely and with time in hand.
The asanas must exercise each organ and part oyour physical being.


Yoga works in a two-pronged manner: Yoga generates and assimilates the life energy. Thus, yoga prolongs youth by slowing down the ageing process. The body becomes light and resilient. There is better neuro-muscular coordination and metabolic efficiency. The senses work better as well.
Yoga tones up your nervous, lymphatic systems including the respiratory and other muscles. Above all, yoga clears the respiratory passage oall impurities.
You will be able to improve your blood circulation, make your endocrine glands and the reproductive system function at their peak, and keep the vital organs supple, vigorous and efficient.
Yoga physical benefits: Here's a list othe yoga physical benefits: You can

·Stop teeth loss;
·Arrest tissue decay;
·Rectify poor vision;
·Remove age ravages;
·Improve food assimilation;
·Prevent many old age ailments;
·Bring back the color oyour grey hair;
·Promptly eliminate waste products;
·Reshape the spinal cord and makes it more flexible;
·Hold the abdominal organs in place & ensure that they work efficiently;
·Check reduced mobility, joint stiffness, artery hardening as well as skin wrinkling.
Yogic spiritual benefits: Yoga awakens a new consciousness. It makes one humble enough to do introspection. Consequently, there is an integration opersonality. Have a look at the lifetime spiritual benefits arising from regular yogic exercises:
·Mental poise;
·better awareness;
·Unruffled serenity;
·Mind turns inwards;
·Inner peace is achieved;
·Control over emotions;
·Hallucinations disappear;
·Increased control over mind;
·Augmented concentration faculty;
·Mind freed from the yoke osenses;
·Baser instincts roped; Craving for the animal passions dies out;
·Your deeds, thoughts and words become logical and meaningful.

Research Resources: http://www.sbtkd.com/benefitsadult.html


There are more benefits (mental, physical and spiritual) than can be mentioned here.  We train our students to the best of their ability.  Some students come to us in shape, others come to us overweight and most come to us with limited flexibility.

As a student you are looked upon as an individual, never compared to anyone else.  Our instructors will be there every step of your way.  All that is expected is a willingness to try.


·Some students want nothing more than practical training to defend themselves.
·Others want a regular exercise schedule build stamina, strength and improve flexibility.
·Many come to relieve stress and anxiety built up from the pressures of everyday life.
·Some are interested in competition and work training to become champions.

There are other equally important reasons why people study the martial arts such as self-awareness, weight and figure control.  Whatever the reason, the new student will quickly become aware of the many benefits of training.  Martial arts students feel healthy and physically fit.  They are confident they are learning to defend themselves and this quiet confidence filters through to all phases of their life including home, office and school.  Furthermore, as students progress in the martial arts, they gain a greater respect for themselves, others and life.


People from all walks of life, all races and religions study the martial arts.  Students include engineers, computer programmers, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, small business owners, musicians, college, high school and elementary school students, nurses, housewives and many more.  Everyone can benefit from taekwondo training.  Currently there is over 20 million taekwondo students world-wide.


Taekwondo stresses a balanced approach to life consisting of three main elements:
1 - Taekwondo training.
2 - Family and social responsibility.
3 - Responsibility toward one's education or work.

Health and Fitness:

Learn to recharge your body with exciting energy.  Flush your system clean of internal poisons that breed illness.  Massage and stimulate your body.  Create bodies that are sleek, firm and graceful. Age is no barrier - start at any time of your life.


Taekwondo develops co-ordination, motor skills, agility, flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, balance, posture, cardiovascular fitness, aerobic fitness and anaerobic fitness.  Due to its physical nature, taekwondo training promotes a healthy lifestyle including proper physical training, proper nutrition, proper rest and the maintenance of a balance in life.


Taekwondo's tenets are etiquette, modesty, perseverance, indomitable spirit and self-control.  Taekwondo promotes good character and a non-violent attitude by teaching courtesy, humility, integrity, respect for others, self reliance, courage and self-control under stress.  In response to conflict, taekwondo teaches calmness, avoidance and neutralisation.  It features a non-confrontational and controlled approach to aggression through the teaching of self-control, self-confidence and violence-as-a-last-resort response to conflict.  Students must respect fellow students and obey instructors.  Taekwondo demands patience, perseverance and a striving for perfection.

Taekwondo reduces tension and anxiety by providing a socially acceptable means of physical self-expression, controlling aggression and venting hostility and frustration in a healthy, beneficial manner.  It requires self-respect, complete self-control and respect for others, whether training partner or adversary.  It also provides a means of personal achievement and advancement through mastery of its curriculum, testing and progression through its belt levels.  Dedication to attaining a goal and successful goal attainment improve one's self image and sense of self worth.

Taekwondo involves skills and techniques to be mastered, with some latitude for personal style and self-expression.  It develops a set of core techniques, which the taekwondo student can master and also emphasise those most natural to and effective for each individual.  Rhythm, timing, balance, proper form and proper breathing are all essential to correct technical execution.  Mentally, taekwondo practitioners have to master focused concentration and detachment from external distractions.  There is beauty and grace in the practice of taekwondo movements and techniques and great satisfaction in mastering and controlling one's mind and body in the execution of demanding physical exercise.

The Personal Experience:
Taekwondo training is also an educational and a personally broadening experience.  Students learn much about themselves, their abilities and how to go beyond what they thought were their physical and mental limitations to new levels of excellence.  Students come into contact with people of different origins, of different ages and from different socio-economic, ethnic, cultural and racial backgrounds, which is an important learning experience in the changing and multicultural mosaic of most nations.  They learn to train together and relate to each other through the medium of taekwondo.


Adults start at any age.  Some adults within the association who started at age 65 have still earned their black belt.  As a student you are looked upon as an individual, never compared to anyone else.  Our instructors will be there every step of your way.  All that is expected is a willingness to try.

The adult and taekwondo:

Exercise And Improve Well-Being
Taekwondo strengthens your body and improves your health through physical exercise and conditioning.  Isometric and dynamic tension exercises will allow you to gain better muscle tone and more strength.  A gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques will enhance flexibility, while breathing and concentration exercises lead to sharper reflexes and senses.

The discipline of taekwondo leads to increase energy, better health and fitness, greater coordination, and higher self-esteem.  These qualities are vital to a happier and longer life.


The South Bank Taekwondo training program helps you recognise and handle situations in which self-defence may be required.  You learn the techniques you need to defend yourself intelligently in threatening situations.  What you learn could prevent you from becoming a victim.  Learn to defend yourself through rigorous, comprehensive training.  Develop your endurance, strength, flexibility and balance along with your self-defence techniques.

Learn to defend yourself, not only physically, but mentally as well. Learn to unite your body in a single effort to achieve your goals.  Develop an inner calm.  Bring up deep-rooted, long hidden fears and weaknesses, face them and conquer them.  Bring out anger and frustration in a positive environment where you can learn to deal with them effectively.  Rise above laziness and inner doubt.

Take Charge Of Your Life

Bring out the positive qualities that have always been part of you.  Develop patience, confidence, self-discipline, inner calm and a consistently positive mental attitude.  Overcome fear, self-doubt, anger, jealousy, laziness and bad habits.  You can do it.  Our program of exercise and instruction is ideal for self-development, because it exercises all of you.  Visualise your goals as you practice effective self-defence techniques.  This unique combination of physical and mental training creates breakthroughs in personal transformation.